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To inspire people to go back to basics. To show and inspire that good food and good health is easy to achieve.
We need to strip back the sugar intake, processed food intake, and additives - then we can start tase the subtle flavours in the food we eat, with no need for much work in the cooking process. Let the natural flavour in food straight from nature satisfy us.

About Hagar

Hagar is Israeli,- born and raised on a Kibbutz. She arrived in New Zealand in 1990 and settled in Coromandel Town; there she opened a small organic store and through the years she dabbled with cooking in different cafes and retreat centers - always passionate about cooking Health-Food with no compromise.

Living in Dunedin since 2005, Hagar had been involved in the pioneering of Circadian Rhythm Café, she is now working as a cook for the children at the Otago University Pre School.

“I believe in taking instruction from nature and eat simply;
The power of the commercial processed food-industry is pushing us away from health.
Let’s get back to listening to our own bodies-knowing and strengthen our connection with what is natural.

Eat simple food – natural, unprocessed.”


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