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Healthy Eating Classes

Personal Chef Service 

Gluten free, plant based, vegan & vegetarian meals for the whole family or for just you. 

I will shop for the ingredients, (with preference for local produce) prepare the meals in your kitchen, store the food and clean up after myself too!! 
Here are some menu options to choose from :
If you require breakfast - I can offer muesli, sourdough bread, jams and preserves, nut butters, ayurvedic millet porridge with dates ginger and turmeric.

For Dinner meals - we can have - Morrocan lentil stew on organic brown rice or couscous, with tahbuli and hummus, or for an asian flavour - Soba noodles with tofu and brocolli served with cucumber and seaweed salad in umoboshi and sesame dressing.

Lunch - Nut burgers with roast kumara and beetroot chutney, red and white cabbage slaw with honey and cider vinegar dressing, or tofu burgers with shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts with fresh coriander ginger and tamari dressing.

Menu can be designed with you or for you, price and pallet with you and your needs in mind.
All food is guranteed to be cooked with LOVE !

Looking forward to hearing from you <3

Vegan Cooking Class / Gluten Free Cooking Class / Healing Foods Cooking Class
new dates coming soon

More and more people are turning to the vegan diet but not sure what to eat once they make the change....these classes will teach you how...
In this class you will learn how to create a balanced and tasty vegan diet regime for yourself and family.
We will learn a range of vegan dishes: Nut burgers in sourdough bread with hummus and beetroot chutney; roast veggie salad; vegan pumpkin pie with tofu cream.
We will learn through demonstration and eating... you will go home with a full tommy, recipes, new ideas and inspiration.
Booking and payment in advance is essential.

To register your interest contact Hagar on (022) 1723630 email ahava2012@yahoo.co.nz


Thanks Hagar.
I just LOVED your course.   I always came away feeling so inspired.
You are so passionate and talented and just so natural and easy to
listen to.  I have been thinking about that cucumber and seaweed salad
ALL day today!!  I am off to taste nature tomorrow to buy umeboshi
vinegar so I can make it.  I really enjoyed the people in our group
. Such a nice mix of people.  It has been such a lovely positive
thing to do and I have learnt so many new ideas.
Thank you for everything.  You really are amazing at what you do.
Kath : )

Thank you Hagar,
I enjoyed the classes too and I can see how passionate you are about organic food and that inspired me. 
Loved your ideas with the salads too, already trying out new ideas. 
Simplicity is the thing, have jars filled with toasted seeds which adds a lovely flavour to the salads etc. 
Looking forward to making my sour dough soon, I have had a busy week and I know I will have time next week.
All the best.

Hagar Ozri - Healthy Eating Classes